Free Julian Assange

The political repression and persecution of Julian Assange has no limits. Wanted for questioning in Sweden he has been hunted across continents while the largest media outlets in the western world have taken every chance to smear his name. NYT leads the way routinely writing how Assange is cruel to animals, has bad toilet etiquette, takes advantage of people every chance he gets and is just a horrible person who will eat your candy without asking. American right-wing politicians have called for his assassination.

Julian Assange was in Sweden for almost 6 weeks after being accused of a sex crime and then left the country, with permission from the prosecutor’s office, without being questioned. Assange , who fears extradition to the US were a secret court has been preparing a case against him, has requested to be questioned in Britain but the Swedish authorities have refused. Assange was under house arrest for over a year and is now trapped at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. His friends fear that his mental health is deteriorating. One can only imagine the immense pressure and stress he has to live with. If Julian was merely a self interested attention seeker he would have given up a long time ago.

Never before has a sex crime prompted a global diplomatic firestorm like this one . In contrast a British accountant named Shrien Dewani, who is wanted by South African authorities for the murder of his Swedish bride, sits in England and will not be extradited because of his PTSD and medical symptoms a court has said. The fact is that the Julian Assange has not had due process and and his treatment is purely political in nature.

Julian Assange is at the forefront of information freedom and his organization has been able to cast a light into the secret world of war machine like never before. He has probably done more to help people understand the world then has the mainstream media in decades. Wikileaks has uncovered the inner workings of corrupt governments and has shown us that with information we can shine a light at the most brutal problems humanity is suffering from.

If we can rise up for Pussy Riot, we can stand up for Julian Assange.

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