Above the fold

Many managers and old timers in the web business often fear too long web pages. In there little world cramming information into the top part of the page, or above the fold as we call it, was the way to go. The reason for that was simple, users don’t scroll. Wrong, users do scroll and almost all users scroll and scan to the bottom af a page at least once.

Web design has come along way since 1995. Todays web designers are focusing on simple and elegant (less is more) designs that draw from time-test graphic design standards like grids systems. This is the new way of designing web pages, you can see this all over the place today but a few years ago most designers ignored these rules which often led to overloaded and confusing pages.

Of course there are design elements that should in most cases be places above the fold. These are features like navigation, logo/identity, search boxes etc. But the important thing is to understand that users do scroll so there is no need to reduce line height or white space to get more information above the fold.

Unfolding the fold

Færðu inn athugasemd

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