Eco-terrorist not welcome in Iceland

Árni Finnson, the chairman of the Iceland Nature Conservation Association has written a letter to Paul Watson encouraging him and his fellow Sea Shepherd crew not to come to Iceland as reported. I think Árni speaks the mind of most Icelanders when he says that Pauls intends of actions against Icelandic whaling ships this summer will  „at best, be meaningless. At worst, such actions will but strengthen Iceland’s resolve to carry on its whaling activities“. The reason for this Árni notes in his letter: „There is a growing public recognition that further whaling is not beneficial to Iceland.“.

Ultimately only the people of Iceland through its parliament and government can decide to stop whaling. Hence, it will be counterproductive if Sea Shephard takes action against Icelandic whaling under the label of Ragnarök – “doom or destruction of the powers.” The people of Iceland, as well as The Iceland Nature Conservation Association, will have no sympathy for such actions. It is not the way to promote cause of conservation.

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