Eat the Whales

Whale meat

Don’t be a hypocrite. Eat animals, taisty animals! — Or don’t.

Iceland has been getting a fairly large amount of attention over the last couple of days because our government has decided to start hunting whales again after 17 years. Our embassy in the UK has been flooded by angry Brits who are all but happy about this decision. Now, I think this move by my government is a mistake. Not that I’m against whaling, I think we should have the right to hunt whales.

I’m against it because there is no market for whale meat in the world, except maybe in Japan and it’s not clear at this stage if exporting the meat there is even an option. I think Iceland would be much better off to focus on whale-watching because that would at least make us some money.

[O]bviously, it is extremely difficult to compare the whale’s relatively short-lasting, but intense pain when being killed, with the other more long-lasting but less intense forms of suffering experienced in cattle farming. Personally, I have no problems in making such a comparison. The conclusion of this comparison is that I would rather be a minke whale living in freedom until the final few minutes of pain, than a… pig or hen…

– Peter Sandøe, leader of the Danish Ethical Council concerning Animals

4 hugrenningar um “Eat the Whales

  1. You are right about that. Fumiko Saiga, the Japanese ambassador in Iceland thinks there is no demand for the Icelandic whale meat in Japan because you have so much from the scientific whaling, the market has all the whale meat it needs and more.

    Is that the case you think?

  2. Andri,

    No, I think the ambassador has probably not seen the official whale meat stockpile statistics, which show quite clearly that consumption in Japan has been increasing, at least over the last 3 years, for which figures are readily available. Considering that scientific whaling has increased since the 1990’s, and that consumption is roughly equivalent to supply, I think consumption has certainly increased by 200 to 300% over the last decade. I have these statistics in details at my blog.

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