Icelandairwaves festival 2006

The ridiculously over-crowded but must-go-to music festival will take place from Wednesday, October 18th to Sunday, October 22nd. I have been busy listening to many of the international acts for this year and I have to say it’s not as interesting as last years. There are a few bands worth my while (Brazilian Girls, Walter Meego, Mates of State), but not a whole lot. Of course, if it wasn’t for this festival I would not have the opportunity to see most of these fine acts :)

Here is the official band list, now, I haven’t seen any of these bands live. If you have, please write a comment and tell me what bands have the best live performance.

Brazilian Girls (FRA/US), Call to Mind (UK), Cold War Kids (US), Dälek (US), Datarock (NO), Fields (UK), Gojira (FRA), Hot Club de Paris (UK), Islands (CAN), Kaiser Chiefs (UK), Klaxons (UK), Leave Calmer (US), Love is All (SE), Mates of State (US), Metric (CAN), Patrick Watson (CAN), Spektrum (UK), The Cribs (UK), The Go! Team (UK), The Handsome Public (US), The Whitest Boy Alive (NO/DE), Tilly and the Wall (US), Trost (DE), Walter Meego (US), We are Scientists (US), Whomadewho (DK), Wolf Parade (CAN)

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  1. So far I have only figured out the first 3 nights. Kinda. Being a New Yorker I got to represent We Are Scientists and The Handsome Public on Wed night. Saw the Handsome Public about a year ago in Brooklyn and was blow away. Catchy as hell tunes with hilarious insync videos.

    Thursday it will be Mates of State hands down. They are phenomenal live. Also pretty excited about Tilly and the Wall. Have heard good things but who knows.

    Friday is still up in the air. Will probably check out Wolf Parade and a bunch of local acts. Anyone have a suggestions for some good Icelandic noise?

  2. Mates of States are great, can’t miss that. For Icelandic bands on Friday, you should check out Benni Hemm Hemm, Apparat Organ Quartet and Jakóbínarína.

    Benni Hemm Hemm is a mix of big band, folk and a little indie rock. The band was awarded best album at last years Icelandic Music Awards.

    Apparat Organ Quartet, founded in 1999 by composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, is an interesting mix of several organs and live drums which sounds a little like Kraftwerk.

    Jakóbínarína (Jako for short) is a group of young kids from Hafnarfjörður. The band played SXSW with some success.

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